Chamber Music Orchestra
The Auditorium Chamber Music Series is a concert series put on at the University of Idaho that brings in various groups of musicians from all parts of the world. This class project needed to have a repeatable theme for years to follow and communicate the diversity of music that ACMS brings to the University of Idaho.
This poster is actually distributed as a mailer. Posters for everyone!
The mailer is also a program guide for the upcoming events. This is the cover.
The back of the mailer has all the info for the mail service so they can deliver it to your door. How wonderfully convenient!
The inside of the mailer is most informative. It provides all the program details for the upcoming year in a classy typographic layout.
Other applications were cards that held the essential information and tickets to complete the set!
Process: toying with concepts.
Process: yet more conceptual brain-storming. 
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