Timeline of Modern Art
This project came about as I was studying for my History of Modern Art class. There was so much information to absorb that I needed a way to organize it. Using the timeline concept, I created a color for each art movement within the date ranges we studied. Due to how clustered the movements become at the turn of the century I had to use height to differentiate them. Below the art movements are the artist's personal timelines. Most of the artists within the course affiliated with multiple movements throughout their life, so their timeline is segmented and color coded to each movement in which they were involved, when they were involved. Lastly, I incorporated the three types of influence in art: philosophical, technological, and political. Next step: interactive!
Process: the idea floodgates open!
Process: preliminary concept sketches.
Process: playing with layout and elements for clear communication.
Process: capturing the look and feel of the desired goal.
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