Vivid Amps is a child company of Biketronics Inc. Both are in the audio business, but Vivid Amps adapted the technology used for motorcycle audio for musicians. They focus on amplifiers and when I was brought onto the team the engineers had some early models, but I took on the panel labeling and had some input on box design. The image below is one such amp where the body is constructed out of aluminium, anodized, then passed off to me for laser engraving. Once the assembly was completed, it was handed back to me for photographing.
I often had to wait until the engineers solidified the hardware configurations and finished debating what knobs should be labeled as, but I would make renderings in illustrator of what the final result might look like.
The white curves on the sides of the front panel were actually acrylic and laser cut so that they diffused the red LED indicator lights. When rendering the panels I'd try to simulate the lights to help give the engineers a finished vision.
Vivid Amps also made appearances at the music trade show: NAMM. We needed some swag to give to endorsers, so I came up with this t-shirt design.
We ended up taking on a special commission from a musician. He wanted it to be his signature amp and he had a thing for pin-striping. This was what I came up with:
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